Published On: Thu, Sep 13th, 2012

Clash between PS supporters and FOL leader Anthony Godett

WILLEMSTAD - FOL leader Anthony Godett got an unpleasant surprise when tried to enter the Parliament building. Several people dressed in t-shirts from political party Pueblo Soberano attacked him. "I was attacked, but I've defended myself as well as possible", according to the FOL-leader.

This afternoon at 17.00 there will be a meeting again. "I have called the meeting as vice-president of the Parliament," says Godett. At the meeting, the current government is not welcome. "You can do anything with me. You can call me names, but do not touch me. I will defend myself, like this afternoon, "said Godett.

Anthony Godett, together with ten other members of parliament deposed the President of Parliament  Ivar Asjes. As new President of Parliament the group of 12 nominated ex MFK member Dean Rozier and as vice-president was chosen Anthony Godett. According to Asjes the appointment was illegal.

Supporters of political party Pueblo Soberano were present outside the Parliament building to support their members of Parliament during a press conference held by the disputed President of Parliament. The press conference was postponed due to a clash between the Pueblo Soberano supporters and the members of Parliament for PAR, FOL, PNP and Eugene Cleopa who entered the Parliament building to attend the meeting called by Vice-President Anthony Godett. Supporters from those political parties accompanied their respective members of parliament.

The disputed president of Parliament did not permit the 11 members to enter the meeting hall so they chose to meet at an undisclosed location.

Purpose of the meeting is to file a motion of no confidence against the current demissionary government. According to the advice given to the Governor, the majority has to take action against the government for the Governor to act.

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