Published On: Fri, Oct 7th, 2016

CPA takes measures against oil leaks in the port

oil-spill-06102016WILLEMSTAD – In the morning of Thursday, October 6, an oil leak took place in the St. Anna Bay near the Motet Yard. Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) received this message from the contractor carrying out work on the Motet Yard. This project involved an investment by CPA to reconstruct the yard. The investment is about 5 million dollars and must be completed in early 2017. The full quayside of the Motet Yard, which was built over 50 years ago, and the new yard is over 300 meters long and is in need of renovation.

During the renovation, new sheet piling will be placed, which will then be filled with concrete with the use of anchors of at least 30 meters long. These will be anchored diagonally into the ground. During the drilling, the contractor discovered that oil was leaking from the ground. CPA started the process immediately to prevent more leakage by placing an absorption hose at the Queen Emma Bridge on the Otrabanda side. CPA’s operational team, together with the Harbor Master and staff of the CPA’s Safety and Inspection Service, began the process to suck up the oil with vacuum trucks. Curoil also played a valuable role in the cleaning process.

In the next few days, the contractor will continue to work on the Motet Yard and CPA will place absorption hoses around the workplace to prevent more oil from leaking into the harbor. It is difficult to determine the origin of the oil but everything indicates that this oil has been in the ground for decades.

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