Published On: Fri, Nov 2nd, 2012

Curacao has a new Parliament

WILLEMSTAD – This morning, 21 persons sworn in as members or parliament. This was done by interim Governor Mrs. Adele van der Pluijm-Vrede. These members will serve a term of 4 years. This term will be from 2012 till 2016.

List of members and their political parties in alphabetical order:

1 Ivar O.O. Asjes PS
2 Melvin V.E. Cijntje PS
3 Eugene G. Cleopa PAIS
4 Charles F. Cooper MAN
5 Jaime L. Cordoba PS
6 Humphrey A. Davelaar PNP
7 Marcolino C.F. Franco Pais
8 Zita A.M. Jesus-Leito PAR
9 Emily S. De Jongh-Elhage PAR
10 Hensley F. Koeiman MAN
11 Monique H. Koeyers-Felida MFK
12 Omayra V.E. Leeflang PAR
13 Marilyn C. Moses PAIS
14 Gilmar S. Pisas MFK
15 Alex D.Rosaria Pais
16 Gerrit F. Schotte MFK
17 Jacintha V.A. Scoop-Constancia MFK
18 Glenn T. Sulvaran PAR
19 Amerigo C. Thode MFK
20 Helmin M. Wiels PS
21 Elmer R. Wilsoe PS

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