Published On: Tue, Dec 6th, 2016

Curaçao tourism: October 2016 Arrivals

WILLEMSTAD - The European region, reported an increase of 6% arrivals in October 2016, the increase represents 407 more visitors compared to last year.  In absolute numbers a total of 18,187 visitors were counted in October 2016.  The Netherlands, the main producing country, reported a growth of 3% to a total of 13,515 stayover visitors. From Germany a total growth of 12% is registered.  The strong consecutive marketing efforts in both countries have showed positive performance over the last months.

The Caribbean region, with a total of 3,194 visitors, recorded a decrease of 7% in October 2016.  The number of arrivals from Aruba and Trinidad and Tobago had a negative impact on the monthly results. By contrast Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica reported increases of respectively 4%, 88% and 16% compared to October 2015.

Curaçao welcomed 4,583 visitors from North America in October 2016. October is known as a slowdown season from North America. Canada registered 3% more visitors in October 2016 compared to October 2015. Visitors from The United States of America are down by 16% compared to October 2015. From the US we are seeing a growth in the New York region, as a result of our right now in Curaçao campaign. The overall decrease from USA is due to less seats capacity from the other feeder regions.

South America registered a decrease of 53% with a total of 6,964 compared to 14,693 last year. Venezuela with a total of 3,206 visitors registered a drop of 71% compared to last year. The demand from Colombia and Brazil is increasing. Colombia registered a growth of 13% to reach a total of 1,098 visitors compared to 969 last year. Brazil registered a growth of 39%. In total 894 Brazilian visitors are welcomed in October 2016 compared to 644 last year.

Visitor Nights:

 In October we registered an increase of average visitor nights per stay of 18%. On average visitors stayed 8.2 nights per person in October 2016. Last year the average nights per person was recorded at 6.9 nights. In terms of visitor nights a slight decrease of 2% is recorded in October 2016. A total of 279,603 visitor nights were registered compared to 286,537 last year. This is a result of the reduced amount of visitors.

For the remainder of 2016 prospects are positive. The forward bookings for our main markets of focus are very promising; we expect a big growth from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Colombia and the US for the upcoming quarter.

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