Published On: Wed, Jul 13th, 2016

Customs enters paperless era

Douane-PundaWILLEMSTAD - Starting this week, those who have to prepare their declaration when importing goods can do it using the new digital Customs Asycuda system. They don’t have to bring it to the customs office like before.

The declarations will be processed digitally starting this week. In addition, payments will go through online banking. Also, the application for exemption from sales tax is now done via the website This was announced by Customs Director Jules Ilario, recently at the weekly press conference of the Council of Ministers .

Release within 1 business day

In the last period, the Customs started an intensive approach to its customers and other partners in the chain of importing of goods. Customs has previously assigned a client coordinator for this task. These partners were addressed for their role in the chain. It is important that all partners do their work on time and correctly so that the Customs can also timely process the declarations and the customers / owners can have access to their goods as quickly as possible. Customs is the last partner in the chain. If there is a delay with the other partners, Customs is usually blamed.

Customs has also intensified its physical controls. The use of the container scanner for imported goods has been temporarily halted. This means that there will be more inspections by the Customs officers. The containers with a seal of the Customs can only be opened by Customs staff or with the permission of the Customs. An appointment must be made with Customs so that officers can open the containers, inspect and release.

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