Published On: Mon, Jun 10th, 2013

DAE employees deliver a petition to Gerrit Schotte to intermediate to safeguard the company

“As a Curacaon and as Member of Parliament, Mr. Gerrit Schotte has the safekeeping of jobs for all those involved at heart and in this case he will do his utmost for DAE to continue as a viable company and with a future and that no jobs will be lost.”

DAEWILLEMSTAD (MFK) – Today during the morning hours a delegation of DAE employees, accompanied by a great majority of companies’ aviation personnel, offered the member of Parliament, Gerrit Schotte of MFK, a petition which was signed by the labor force of the company, in which they ask Mr. Schotte to intermediate to safeguard DAE and to ensure the jobs at the company.

On Tuesday June 11, it will be exactly 4 weeks since DAE’s aircrafts are not allowed to fly to Venezuela because of the measures imposed by INAC. The companies’ employees have indicated in their letter that instead of the Government defend them, they indicate that it’s a problem between DAE and INAC. The employees feel that they feel abandoned by the Government.

For this reason, the DAE employees have approached Mr. Schotte to intermediate and to do whatever is possible to safeguard the company and to ensure their income. Mr. Schotte immediately sent an official letter to the Minister responsible for the aviation department, Mr. Earl Balborda, and indicated that as a Curacaon and as a member of Parliament, he has the employment of all those involved at heart and for DAE to be a viable aviation company with a future and that no jobs will be lost. Also considering that DAE makes a valuable contribution to our tourism, hotels and Curacao economy and also our balance of payments.

Member of Parliament, Mr. Gerrit Schotte concluded his letter to Minister Balborda with a few questions relating to the DAE situation and expects answers as soon as possible.

The employees made it clear during their meeting with Mr. Schotte; “The future of the company lays in the hands of Gerrit Schotte and the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

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