Published On: Thu, Feb 5th, 2015

Dutch Caribbean legal portal launches top 10 law firms Suriname

WILLEMSTAD - Dutch Caribbean Legal Portal has recently expanded its website, adding Suriname as a new and important focus area. In the context of this expansion, Dutch Caribbean Legal Portal brings the Top 10 of Surinam law firms. This Top 10 is based on the size of the firms, in terms of the number of lawyers. Tax lawyers and civil-law notaries are not included. Suriname currently comprises 190 registered attorneys, of which 49 are working at the firms in the Top 10:

Position                     Firm                                                                                              Number of lawyers

1                                    Advocatenkantoor Lim A Po

(Chambers quality ranking: Band 1)                                                    9

2                                    Coster Advocaten                                                                                      6

2                                    Dayenne Peterhof                                                                                     6

2                                    Advocatenkantoor Essed & Sohansingh                                           6

(Chambers quality ranking: Band 2)

2                                    Sewcharan Advocaten                                                                             6

3                                    Advocatenkantoor Kraag                                                                        5

(Chambers quality ranking: Band 3)

3                                    Schurman Advocaten                                                                               5

4                                    Hooplot Advocatenkantoor

(Chambers quality ranking: Band 2)                                                    3

4                                    Advocatenkantoor Van Dijk-Silos                                                        3

5                                    4 Justice Advocaten                                                                                   2

With 9 lawyers, Lim A Po currently is the largest law firm in Suriname. The firm has  three partners, and employs six associates and a legal assistant. The Top 10 is largely stable. Although the number of lawyers per firm became more equally divided in recent years, only one new firm entered the Top 10 (Dayenne Peterhof).

The firms Lim A Po (Band 1), Essed & Sohansingh, Advocatenkantoor Hooplot (Band 2) and Advocatenkantoor (Band 3) also received a quality ranking from the leading international legal publisher Chambers & Partners. All of these firms have at least one individually ranked lawyer as well. Individual lawyers who are not employed by any of the ranked firms, but who are named individually by Chambers & Partners are Edward Naarendorp of Coster Advocaten, Alvin Baarh and Dennis Chocolaad.

Apart from these law firms, legal consultancy firm Theunissen & Harmsma, also domiciled in Suriname, focuses mainly on financial and banking law. Finally, a number of foreign firms with Suriname Desks are active in Suriname:

Position                     Firm                                                                                               Number of lawyers

1                                    VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne                                                            35

2                                    HBN Law                                                                                                         29

3                                    Soliana Bonapart & Aardenburg                                                           15

4                                    SMS Attorneys                                                                                            8

5                                    STvB                                                                                                                 5

These firms do not have their own office in Suriname, but serve the ever growing and increasingly interesting Surinam market from Curacao. This is often done in cooperation with local Surinamese firms.

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