Published On: Tue, Jul 12th, 2016

Dutch Justice wants millions from Eindhoven family because of money laundering through Curaçao

OM-1WILLEMSTAD - An Eindhoven family must repay nearly 10 million euros according to the Dutch Public Prosecution (OM). Through manipulations abroad the family capital, which the father wanted to give to his children, became criminal.

The father (83) had sold his company in the construction industry for many millions. and wanted to give the proceeds to his three children. A son in law was on the board of a renowned accounting office and knew what to that.


The money was then put into special foundations in Curaçao. That's possible, but the claimants may not use it. The children did use it, and thus the money, according to the OM, became criminal and the family has been guilty of money laundering. They evaded taxes.

Prison sentence

The prosecution intends to recover a total of nearly 10 million euros. The OM demanded 30 months in prison against the son in law (63). Against a son (54) and daughter (49) 20 and 15 months respectively. Given the fragile health of the father (83), the OM will only demand 6 months conditionally for him.

The father and son say, through lawyer Ron Zilver, said that they blindly trusted the son in law. The daughter wants her brother in law to be prosecuted for fraud. The tax collector says that the Public Prosecution relies on outdated laws and that there is nothing wrong with what the family did.

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