Published On: Tue, Jun 18th, 2013

Dutch Senate votes again on motion refinery

Oil RefineryTHE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD – The motion on the Curacao Oil Refinery is back on the agenda of the Dutch Senate today. The motion, which is an initiative of the political party SP, calls on the Dutch government to enter into a conversation with the government of Curaçao on the oil refinery. The vote on the motion was postponed last week.

The Dutch Government is encouraged, in the motion, to examine how Curacao, with the help of The Netherlands, can still limit the damage to the environment and the health of the people by holding Shell and PDVSA accountable.

The Senate was supposed to vote on the motion last week Tuesday but it was postponed. Various political parties wanted to adjust certain wordings in the motion because environmental pollution and health issues are autonomous affairs of the country Curacao. The motion was signed by the members of the SP, Christian Union, PvdA, D66 and GroenLinks.

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