Published On: Thu, Jan 24th, 2013

Environmental Destruction on site Aqualectra

WILLEMSTAD – The “Environment & Recycling Group” Green Force is denouncing the destruction of part of our wetlands. This time it is on the terrain of Aqualectra located at the Dokweg.

An entire habitat has been bulldozed flat. Animals, birds and plants that once bred and spread on this location since mankind has been exterminated. Iguanas, crabs and birds and rare birds have been killed and forced out of their habitation. Not even the refinery in 100 years of ruining our environment has caused such massive destruction in one day.

A colony of white herons which for years were nestled in the mangroves were forced out. These birds are now disturbed in their habitat. If this destruction is not stopped immediately we will lose this beautiful colony of herons forever.

Furthermore, this swampy area is filled with natures creatures carrying out their work. Such areas in more civilized countries fall under the protection of the RAMSAR convention. This is an international protocol for the protection of wetlands that is set up to maintain a balance between ecological, cultural, scientific, economic and recreational importance in these fragile areas.

Here cacti and has been removed. Mangrove as been damaged and removes. A dam has been build that now blocks drainage from other areas.

The disinterest of environmental protection on Curacao ensures that such practices continue which leads to the loss of biodiversity and loss of unique habitats for our flora and fauna.

Where is the government? They are supposed to protect our natural inheritance. They are supposed to carry on a durable and sustainable development.

GreenTown Curaçao joins forces with Green Force and calls upon government leaders to stop this massacre on our marshlands. This is irresponsible.

We ask the government to immediately stop this work, to recover the area, to penalize the offenders and see to it that never happens again,

GreenTown is PRO develpment of Schottegat, but against its destruction.

I call upon the government to take a stand, to come up with a master plan and in the meantime please halt this destruction.

Written by Andres F. Casimiri

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