Published On: Mon, Apr 4th, 2016

February 2016 recording 4% growth – Year to date direct spending of 82.7 million US $

WillemstadWILLEMSTAD - Visitor arrivals recorded in February 2016 showed an increase of 4% when compared with February 2015. The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is pleased to report that 1.558 more visitors were welcomed in the second month of the year. All together a total of 41.106 visitors were registered against 39.548 in the same month last year.

The highlight in February is coming from the European region, with a solid double digit growth. The registered 14% increase represents a total of 19.278 stay over visitors. The Netherlands, as the largest contributor to growth, holds 35% of all visitors coming to Curaçao in February. Growth from the Netherlands reached 12%, which in absolute numbers is 14.431 stay over visitors. Germany is also performing well with outstanding arrival figures, registering 11% growth during this period. A total of 1.814 German visitors were welcomed in February 2016. Last year the CTB counted a total of 1.627 German visitors.

The North American region grew recording 7% increase in February. A total of 8.868 stay over visitors are registered, representing 22% of all registered arrivals. While last year we recorded double digit growth from the United States of America, we can now see that we fall short with a 1% decrease from this country. The CTB together with the private sector is already preparing cooperative marketing programs for the low season, effective in May and June which are expected to boost U.S. demand. From Canada we count a total of 3.160 stay over visitors, recording 26% growth. The continued PR and Marketing efforts in Canada is showing us a positive outcome by which our marketing initiatives and efforts have been duly rewarded. The outstanding performance of this market continues to fill us with a great sense of satisfaction.

Stay over visitors to Curaçao from the Caribbean region increased with double digit growth of 24% in February 2016. A total of 2.433 visitors were registered. Aruba registered an increase of 23%. The CTB counted 1.042 Aruban visitors in February, of which we can also clearly see a peak in arrivals on Monday and Tuesday, February 8th and 9 th. These are the dates when most Arubans travel to experience Curacao’s Carnival Farewell Parade. From Trinidad and Tobago a 49% increase is registered, which in absolute numbers represents 590 visitors.

The South American market decreased by 17% in February 2016, with a total of 9.522 stay over arrivals compared to 11.471 in 2015. From Venezuela a 24% decrease is registered, a total of 6.126 visitors were counted in February 2016. Colombia registered an increase of 44% in February 2016. In total we welcomed 980 Colombian visitors to Curaçao. The abolishment of the Colombian visa in combination of PR and Marketing efforts is showing positive results. Brazil and Suriname registered respectively 34% and 11% decrease, both countries are battling economic recession at the moment.

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