Published On: Mon, Oct 29th, 2012

Formation shutdown: Schotte withdraws from formation process

WILLEMSTAD - Political party MFK has officially withdrawn from the willingness declaration signed earlier this week. Gerrit Schotte, leader of the political party MFK announced this during a press conference last night. The party does not agree how things are regulated around the cabinet formation.

The former Prime Minister of Curaçao stated that Wiels is not a serious negotiator, instead he constantly insults him in his radio program. MFK, PS and MAN signed a declaration together to form a coalition, but MFK is now pulling the plug.

Screening law
Helmin Wiels, leader of the political party Pueblo Soberano, suspects that the MFK is afraid of the results of the screening. "Last week we should have talked about government formation and how the current situation will be addressed. Instead, nothing else then the screening law and eliminating the post of governor was addressed. We're not at war with the governor, who did not participate in the election. I cannot debate with someone who has a “fever”, who hallucinates " said Helmin Wiels about Schotte. Wiels states that the interests of PS prevail over MFK’s “fever”.

Gerrit Schotte, during his statement, highlighted that Helmin Wiels only talked about the independence of Curaçao, but now he wants to delay this for ten years. Wiels stated that once again Schotte did not listen to what he said and that he indeed has always stated he wants independence, but this process should be carefully followed. Schotte challenges Wiels tonegotiate with other parties and form a coalition and to assume his responsibilities as Prime Minister.

Interesting week
That something is going on with the screening law is clear. Wiels declared he cannot afford to go into business with a party of which there are members with a dubious past. "I want a clean government," says Helmin Wiels. He cannot say who else he wants to form a coalition with. According to him, this is the process and the work of the informateur, Glenn Camelia,  which should not be disturbed. Furthermore, Wiels states that this will be an interesting week and it all has only just begun.

Written by Netty Singer 


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