Published On: Wed, Jun 22nd, 2016

Four of the top Latin American hospitals on the island to give information (part 1)

WILLEMSTAD – Four of Medellin’s clinics are currently on the island to give presentations to various health care organizations in Curaçao about their services.

The four clinics are San Vicente Fundacion, Clinica Las Americas, Clinica Las Vegas and Hospital Pablo Tobon Urribe.

The representatives of these institutions are here to promote the concept of Turismo de Salud (Health Tourism), also known as medical tourism or global health is defined as the “act of traveling for the purpose of finding answers to different health needs”.

This combination of services has been gaining acceptance of thousands of people around the world aware of the opportunities in other countries where the technological and scientific advances in the health industry may be the same or higher than those found in the place where they live, making the decision to travel based on differentiating as costs, quality of services and attractive destination among others.

Experience and development, which have been accomplished by health professionals in Colombia, and even more in the city of Medellin, make the magic happen in the clinics and hospitals every day. Today one cannot only talk about Medellin is not in terms of health tourism, but as a city Destination for Clinical Excellence, in which an entire ecosystem of specialized and industries related to the health sector coexist in one place.

san vicenteSan Vicente Fundacion

The San Vicente Fundacion is well known for its university hospital. This University Hospital has more than 100 years of experience in providing health care services to people with a highly complex medical condition. They are recognized for their social, scientific and technological leadership as well as their teaching approach. San Vicente Fundacion also has a Children’s Hospital which has more than 50 years experience in pediatric care. They are the reference center in the region for providing specialized care for children between 0 and 14 years.

Clinica Las Americas

Clinica Las Americas is part of the Grupo Empresarial las Americas, which consists of a Las Americas Clinic, IDC Cancer Institute, Medical Laboratory, Odontoly Las Américas, Pathology Las Américas and Foundation Las Américas.

Fachada clínica

Fachada clínica

Las Americas Foundation works with children that have problems with their arms. Their hospital has 326 beds, 500 health professionals and 77 sub specialties. They are also working on a new project, which is called Clinica el Sur. This clinic will have 131 beds with intensive care, consults, surgery, pharmacies, lab and orthopedic.

las vegasClinica Las Vegas

Clinica Las Vegas gas over 20 years of experience in providing services and high-complexity healthcare. Their main objective is to offer welfare, security human warmth and social corporate responsibility.The clinic is well-known in its sector for providing the best surgical medical attention to its patients. The team includes prestigious professionals from all sciences and disciplines. The are known for last generation technology and innovation in their procedures.The physical installations are located strategically in the best geographical zone in Medellin offering easy access from different zones in the south of the city via various transportation routes and nearby metro stations.

HPTU-IMAGEN-AEREA-(1)Hospital Pablo Tobon Urribe

Pablo Tobon has more than 45 years of experience and has international accreditations. They are a hospital with special medical complexities. They also have more than 122 specialties and sub specialties. Currently they are inaugurating a new department. The hospital is expanding now from 369 beds to 682 beds in a new 15 floors tower with a heliport. They offer specialties in orthopedics, oncology, pediatrics and many more. They also have a 24-7 pediatric intensive care and for adults. The hospital also has an investigation unit together with universities.

As a team the representatives of the hospitals are promoting Medellin as a health destination. They are also promoting their clinics as institutions of high quality. We have meetings with Social Insurance Bank (SVB). Each institutions receive patients through the SVB, but they want to reach the patients through the media, to choose their institutions.

“We are strengthening the relations with the doctors. It’s important the follow up and that is why what we are doing working on establishing a personal relationship.

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