Published On: Fri, Jan 29th, 2016

Fuel and utility rates drop

fuelWILLEMSTAD - The price per liter of gasoline decreases in February by 11 cents. Consumers pay per February 2, 1.318 guilders per liter at the pump. Also dropping is the price of diesel. At the pump a liter of diesel will cost 0.966 guilders.

That's four cents less than what it is now. This was announced by the Bureau of Telecommunications, Post and Utilities (BTP & U).

The utility rates will also drop on February 1. Households that consume between 250 and 350 kWh will pay per kWh 0.5799 guilders. Now it is 0.6195 guilders. Water for households that pay between 9 and 12 cubic meters of consumption will pay 12.4267 guilders per cubic meter. That is 12.6941 gulden now. This represents a decrease of 28 cents.

The decrease in utility tariffs is mainly determined by lower fuel prices. In addition, households pay less for a bottle of cooking propane. A propane cylinder LPG 100 costs 40 guilders and LPG 20 drops to 8 guilders.

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