Published On: Thu, Jul 31st, 2014

Gas and water more expensive

gas-nozzlesWILLEMSTAD - The price of gasoline will be increased by next week August 5. At this time, the price per liter gasoline is 2,403 guilders.

As of next Tuesday, the price will be increased to 2,461 guilders per liter, an increase of nearly six cents per gallon. This is evident from the rates offered by the Telecom, Utilities and Post Office (BTPU). The diesel rates remain unchanged at 1,880 guilders per liter.

As for the water and electricity tariffs there are changes, but these will be effective starting August 1. This means that electricity prices have fallen since July and the water rates have increased. The price of water, at an average consumption of 9 to 12 cubic meters, will go from 12.96 to 13.28 dollars on August 1. While the rate per kWh of electricity, at an average consumption from 250 to 350 kWh, will go from 0,815 guilders to 0.754 guilders.

The rates for gas cylinders for domestic use remain unchanged at 66.50 guilders for a 100 lbs-cylinder, and 14.80 for a 20 lbs-cylinder.

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