Published On: Mon, Oct 29th, 2012

Gerrit Schotte is tired of Helmin Wiels

WILLEMSTAD - Gerrit Schotte is tired of Helmin Wiels! That was concluded during the press conference given by MFK on Sunday night at 8 o’clock. MFK is not willing to continue tolerating insults and calumnies wrought by Wiels and consequently have decided to withdraw from the negotiations to form a new government for Curacao. MFK held its party conference and came to that conclusion. The former Prime Minister of Curaçao stated that Wiels is not a serious negotiator; instead he constantly insults him in his radio program.

According to Schotte, he had put up with attacks from a fierce opposition in parliament, from different pressure groups in the community, media and other interest groups. Many of these attacks were directed to him personally and if this was not enough he had to put up with an opposition in his own coalition. There was no peace, loyalty nor work being done in the team which should be expected from a normal situation in government.

In fact it can be said that Wiels has laid the foundation for the “coup” against his Government, according to Schotte. “Wiels had Cooper and Schotte in the fighting ring and bashed them every night during his radio program. Wiels was challenging us every day to break the government so we can suffer the “rage” of the people of Curacao. This is how he created the perfect sphere which led to the fall of the government. Elections took place and the people have given the coalition the mandate again and now with 12 seats in parliament”, Schotte said.

Wiels wanted the 12 seats for himself, according to Schotte. The reality is that he has the same 5 seats as MFK, only, he has a little bit more votes than us, Schotte continues.

“Wiels has signed the willingness declaration to work together with MAN and MFK but now is beating his own partners to pieces”, Schotte declared. Schotte considers this disrespectful and provocative. Last weekend he has broken all records. While negotiating he was nice to everyone, but on television and radio he was sending his missiles. Now, Wiels’ plan to avoid responsibility as Prime Minister requires a strategy to look good in the eyes of his voters and to let other parties renege working with him. The strategy is to dump all dirt on Schotte by continuing with the smear campaign started by Frente Sivil (Civil Front) and even intensify it.

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