Published On: Mon, Nov 14th, 2016

Government consults with InselAir over cash flow situation

InselAirWILLEMSTAD - Aviation Company InselAir has approached the government with a request to discuss possible solutions to the existing precarious cash flow situation in this company. InselAir indicates that this situation is due to the inability to collect a claim of more than 100 million dollars in neighboring Venezuela. The persistence of this situation is undesirable and detrimental to the daily operations of the airline.

InselAir is the main provider of air connections to and from Curaçao. The government is committed to a continuous and good quality air connections to major destinations. This also applies to a quality service with ample supply of air transport. A faulty air connection can have serious consequences for the economy and must be prevented as much as possible.

To start the conversation with InselAir, the Council of Ministers set up a Committee of Wise Men chaired by former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles Mr. Etienne Ys. The other members of the committee are experts in the field of aviation and accountancy. The Committee will conduct further research in consultation with InselAir to discuss the economic condition of the company and possible solutions. InselAir has therefore pledged full cooperation.

The Committee will report to a steering committee from the Council of Ministers consisting of the Minister of Traffic, Transport and Spatial Planning, Ms. Suzy Römer, the Finance Minister, Mr. José Jardim and the Minister of Economic Development, Eugene Rhuggenaath.

The Committee shall, within three weeks, report its conclusions and recommendations. On this basis, the Government will discuss further steps with InselAir.

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