Published On: Mon, Sep 17th, 2012

Governor continues with orientation talks

WILLEMSTAD  - Governor Frits Goedgedrag continues conversations today with political leaders and other organizations to clarify the political situation.

This can lead to the formation of an interim government for Curaçao. But Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte speaks against that saying that he will not cooperate. The governor received Friday nine motions of censure against the current government handed over by the Vice President of the Parliamentary majority, Anthony Godett.

Supposedly the Governor does not need permission from Prime Minister Schotte to carry out these motions. It is not yet clear if the Governor will act, all he is doing now is orienting on the negative political situation between the majority and the minority in Parliament.

Prime Minister Schotte announced in a national speech that he will not cooperate with any formation of a new government. Experts have been arguing back and forth whether it is necessary for the Prime Minister to cooperate with the formation of a new government or not. According to some experts this was this case when the islands were part of the Netherlands Antilles. Since Curacao has become an autonomous country within the Dutch Kingdom, this is not necessary anymore. The experts are even saying that if a new government is formed and Schotte does not cooperate and leave Fort Amsterdam, the Governor can use the police to escort him out of the building.

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