Published On: Tue, Sep 11th, 2012

Governor will not act according to request majority of Parliament

WILLEMSTAD – Governor Frits Goedgedrag won this week advice on the request of twelve members of Parliament to form an interim government. On the advice of lawyers Grüning and Koeijers the request will not be performs. However, he indicated that the Parliament should have opportunities to consider.

The governor points out that it is up to the members of Parliament to take steps to break the current political impasse. "In addition, the Parliament need to get the opportunity to consider the situation. If the majority is of the opinion that a demissionary ministers need to leave immediately, it is up to the majority to adopt a motion of no confidence by formal ruling. "This way, they can show that said minister does not have the support of the majority in Parliament.

Action Governor
According to the advisers of the Governor, it is important that the members of Parliament jointly take responsibility for the process. "Action by the Governor as Kingdom Organ is still not addressed. In the interest of Curaçao and its young democracy, it is desirable first to find all possible solutions. "However, the governor must be considered as 'last resort' when the Parliament cannot solve the situation itself. He will then examine ways to restore and to ensure democracy.

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