Published On: Thu, Mar 21st, 2013

Greentown Lets Experts Shine Light On Alternatives For Development Of Schottegat

Green-Town-curacaoWILLEMSTAD – On Saturday (March 23), there will be ample opportunity to provide further information about what can happen to the Schottegat in 2019 as the dismantling of the Isla refinery becomes a fact.

To prevent that Curaçao will stay without a prospect on a positive economic development of this area, the foundation Greentown Curacao has come up with its own plan. During the information day in the World Trade Center on Saturday, this plan will be explained in more details by experts of various disciplines.

At 10 o'clock in the morning there will be an exhibition of companies and institutions that develop activities around the harbor and who would benefit from that plan which is a good alternative if Isla disappears. The local fisherman Edwin 'Makambie' Flameling known as the fish seller at Caracasbaaiweg, will also be present at this exhibition which continues till 7 pm.

Decommissioning Process

The program of the substantive information and discussion starts at 11 o'clock in the morning when Mr. Charles Tujeehut of Aqualectra gives an presentation on various alternative energy sources. At 12 pm, Dr. Miguel Goede will talk about methods how the refinery employees can be sure of a job when the refinery closes its doors.

After a short lunch break, at 2 pm, Timo Brouwer will explain how the Green Force can become pioneers in recycling more product and how to be more “green” in constructions. At 3 o'clock, the former Shell and Isla employee, Edgar Leito, who was closely involved in dismantling and cleaning of the peninsula at Caracas Bay, will further explain how the dismantling of the refinery can be tackled. At 4 o'clock the broker Mr. Randy Neuman will speak about various aspects of the value of real estate on the island. Most lectures are in Papiamentu, but there will also be some in Dutch or English.

Mega Yachts

Although the exhibition continues, the substantive program will resume in the auditorium at 7 o'clock in the evening. The first speaker will be vice president of Greentown, Sinuhe Oomen who will introduce the plan and will be followed by three members of the 5 Star Green team who will further indicate why Greentown is a good idea. Historian Charles Dorego comes at 7:30 with a historical and archaeological background of the area. Edgar Leito will then go deeper into details about the need and the possibilities to remediate the former refinery area.

After a short break, CEO Liza Dindial of the tourist organization CHATA  takes a look at how new tourists can be attracted; guests on mega yachts. Then the special guest speaker from the U.S., Ron Schuls will give in 45 minutes using examples from his own work experience how the areas can be prepared for development in a fairly quickly, relatively inexpensive and safe way. At the end of the evening, a summary will be given of the various speakers by Sven Rusticus on behalf of Green Town.

Admission is free and in principle anyone can join, as long as there is space. For the evening session, it is in any case better to register in advance

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