Published On: Mon, Jul 11th, 2016

Group employees want bankruptcy Tiara Air

Tiara_Air_Shorts_360_DallimontiORANJESTAD - A number of employees of the Aruban airline Tiara Air are fed up and if it were up to them, they submit a request to declare the company bankrupt. This is according to a report on the news site

Nearly three months ago, the company tried with a flight to Curaçao to make a new start, but due to a "technical problem," it has remained at that. There is no income and the financial situation is so dire that the company is forcing current employees to resign in order to reduce costs. The current employees do not agree with this situation and think there should come an end to it.

According to, the current employees have not received their salaries and there is also a group of dismissed employees still waiting for their money. “They have not paid us. They call people into the office and threaten them,” some employees told the reporters at Another employee said that because of financial problems (debts) he was forced to accept his resignation, and he still has to receive some money. Other employees have now lost their house and car and the bills are piling up.

A fairly large group of employees has decided not to be forced to resign and run the risk of being laid off and still get no more money. “There are employees who are now considering to declare the company bankrupt,” said one employee. This includes employees who have resigned.

Tiara Air has been in financial problems since 2013. On April 2011 the airline tried to make a new start with a flight to Curaçao.

That initiative did not bear fruits because soon afterwards there were technical problems with the aircraft. There were also plans to operate flights to and from Punto Fijo, Venezuela, but that also came to naught and the euphoria was short-lived. According to, Tiara Air never gave an explanation about this situation.

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