Published On: Thu, Jan 30th, 2014

Harms: ‘It is strange that Davelaar wants the government to intervene”

HarmsWILLEMSTAD – Former Chief Pilot of the defunct Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) said during an interview with Notisia360, that he finds it strange that now the Member of Parliament, Humphrey Davelaar wants the government to intervene and talk to the Venezuelan foreign exchange agency CADIVI to help Insel Air. According to Harms, when DAE was in dire need, Davelaar was completely against government assistance and indicated that DAE had to solve its own problems.

The former Chief Pilot made this statement as a reaction to the recent declarations from the political leader Humphrey Davelaar in his radio program on Radio Direct.

During Tuesdays broadcast, Davelaar spoke on Insel Air’s situation and called on the government to send a delegation to Venezuela to help Insel Air receive the funds which are currently stuck at CADIVI.

Mrs. Harms emphasizes that he’s not against government assistance towards Insel Air and he applauds the idea. What he is questioning is the fact that suddenly the government wants to intervene while six months ago, they did not want to do this to save DAE and consequently save jobs.

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