Published On: Tue, Mar 15th, 2016

Heavy discussion in parliament because of Schotte

Schotte1WILLEMSTAD - For the convicted former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte a new fight has started after the clash with the Public Prosecutor in recent weeks in court.

A majority of the Curaçao parliament wants the MFK opposition leader to give up his seat because he's now a convicted man.

During a parliamentary debate parliamentarians expressed their grievances about the now officially condemned colleague. "I do not understand Schotte does not have the moral authority to withdraw himself," said Omayra Leeflang of the party One Honest Curaçao.

Elmer Wilsoe of Pueblo Soberano urged the MFK leader not to attend any more meetings.
"He was not convicted for stealing a can of sardines, no, he was convicted of forgery and money laundering," said politician Alex Rosaria.

Last week, the court imposed in Willemstad on the former prime minister of the autonomous country Curaçao (2010-2012) three years in prison and five years of deprivation of the opportunity to be a candidate during elections. The court considers it proven that Schotte is guilty of corruption and money laundering.

Schotte's lawyer said that they will appeal, which means, according to Schotte's defense team, that he is still innocent until proven guilty. Schotte showed up for the parliamentary meeting yesterday like nothing has happened.

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