Published On: Mon, Jun 6th, 2016

Helmin Wiels’ heirs instruct party to seek other name

Helmin WielsWILLEMSTAD – In a letter to the Pueblo Soberano party and its Members of Parliament, the heirs of the late Helmin Wiels demanded the members to either change the parties name or form their own party.

In their letter they state that as heirs of the late political leader and founder of the Pueblo Soberano (Sovereign People) party, they don’t want the party to continue using the name their father created as a political movement. “In the last three years after the assassination of our father, the party has drifted away from the values and principles set by Helmin Wiels. Many loyal followers have abandoned the party. Others have formed their own parties and this is a sad situation for us,” said the son and the daughter of the late political leader.

“After the death of our father it seems like the whole organization fell into disarray.”

According to the Wiels family the Pueblo Soberano party is a movement or foundation with its own rules and statutes, which means that they don’t have anything to say on how it is managed. “It is a fact that those leading the party now are not following the principles our father stood for. In our view the objective, ideology and vision of the party have completely disappeared.”

“We kindly ask you to request all the Members of Parliament and Ministers of Pueblo Soberano that want to continue in their political career, to please choose, before September 30 (elections), another party or change the name of the party together with its ideology. With all respect, give honor to yourself and stop using the name Pueblo Soberano. You could even form your own party,” said the Wiels family in their letter.

“Since December 20, 2013, we as heirs have bought the right to own the name Pueblo Soberano, the logo and the promotion materials used by the party. We kindly request you not to use the name of the party anymore with its corresponding logo. In our opinion the party needs a complete reorganization and we will take care of that.”

The letter was signed by both the son and the daughter of the late popular political leader Helmin Magno Wiels.


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