Published On: Mon, Mar 25th, 2013

ICT seeks more successful women

logoWILLEMSTAD —  A group of female professionals and students met for a brunch event this month, organized by Stimul-IT and CDPC, and supported by the Ministry of Economic Development, with the aim to interest more successful women for ICT.

The general conclusion of the meeting was that women must be made more aware of the numerous possibilities in following a course or having a career in the (information) technology, considering the later is becoming more important in the current society. In most areas, women form over 50 percent of the users of technology, while only a small percentage is involved with the development.

Another important conclusion was that if youngsters are trained for jobs in the future, we must draw the attention of all population groups to the use of technology.

During the brunch session, three successful women in ICT gave inspiring presentations, sharing their working experiences in a traditionally men’s branch, and how they gotten ahead. The speakers were Cyd Course, Tenderfoot, involved with various technological start-ups; Saskia Korving, Application Manager at Aqualectra; and Elgeline Martis, director of CariCert.

The brunch began with a brief introduction by Monique Raphaela, director of Stimu-IT, Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute, emphasizing the importance of the contribution by women and the lack of female students in technology. “She stated that only 3 percent of all tech start-ups’ are run by females, while statistics show that companies run by women are fairing well in general. If we look at the UNA, almost two-thirds of the students are female (in 2010) while less than 15 percent of the students of the technical faculty are female. This percentage is often lower at other schools and technical courses at sbo-schools”, said Raphaela.

The meeting concluded with a call for action with the aim to interest more women in technology and offer more access to technology. Those present agreed this also applies for other (underprivileged) target groups in the society.

The ‘International Girls in ICT-Day’ on April 25th is devoted to this subject. The International Girls in CIT-Day is an initiative of ITU to create a global environment, encouraging girls and young ladies to consider a career in the growing technology branch. This day, which is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday in April, is a step to encourage female students to assume a more active role in the technology branch.

Source: Dutch Caribbean Business

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