Published On: Mon, Nov 5th, 2018

Information campaign HIV / AIDS

HIV-virus-AIDSWILLEMSTAD - A large-scale information program on HIV infection, which can lead to the disease AIDS, has started.

At the end of this year, six or seven neighborhoods are intended to be connected to the HIV-Biep program, in which the residents are made aware of the dangers of infection with the HIV virus. Biep stands for 'Bienestar i Prevenshon Sexual' (sexual wellbeing and prevention).

The funding comes from the Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature (GMN) and there is a collaboration with the organization for HIV prevention and care 'HIV Cura +' and the prevention department of the Foko foundation. This foundation focuses on homosexuals. In September the program started in the neighborhoods of Seru Papaya, Gibraltar, Santa Maria, Otrobanda and Bonam. With a meeting in Santa Rosa and surrounding districts, a start has now been made with the program in Bándariba. Ultimately, the campaign must be conducted throughout Curaçao.

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