Published On: Fri, Oct 12th, 2012

Jamaloodin has spent more than 111.000 on “pleasure things”

WILLEMSTAD – During his period as Minister of Finance, George Jamaloodin has spent more than 111.000 guilders ($63.500) on things of pleasure like traveling, dining, drinking and declaring friends’ payments.

There are different documents circulating around on the activities of this former minister. These documents reveal 24 trips which were not registered but were declared at the secretariat of the Council of Ministers. In total there were 28 trips which were checked out. Of these 28 which were checked out, 24 were not known by the Council of Ministers . There were trips declared but that were private. There were even trips made during the weekend that were declared. He also declared a dinner without presenting the receipts.

Furthermore there were certain dinners that were not relevant to the occasion. There were also invoices declared related to the 10-10-10 festivities with third parties.

There were also invoices declared that had nothing to do with the function of minister of finance. Invoices with no explanations were part of the list. It was noted that there was an excessive use of alcohol.

The total amount paid to all these “pleasure things” and irrelevant activities are 111,195.26 guilders ($63,500).

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