Published On: Mon, Nov 19th, 2012

KOLABORATIVO will execute National Dialogue on Urgency Plan to deal with wide range of problems facing the country

WILLEMSTAD - Representatives of KOLABORATIVO, the tripartite social dialogue platform of Curaçao, have met with interim Prime Minister Stanley Betrian and his cabinet to discuss the plan for short, medium and long-term strategies to address the current financial, economic, social and balance of payments crises which impact all aspects of the community.  Kolaborativo will be leading the dialogue process. The stakeholders, representing the commerce and labor sectors, which include the national and central sectorial representations like SSK, CGTC, VBC and KvK, first met together and came to consensus on key points they want to discuss on the very short term as possible first steps in addressing the enormous deficits of the government and government companies which impact financial, social and economic aspects of the community, as well as the balance of payments.

Through the internationally used formal dialogue strategies applied by Kolaborativo, as laid out by ILO , the commerce and labor representatives will participate in the national dialogue focused on solutions to address financial measures that will impact purchasing power, social groups, sustainable development and the overall economy.  The process will be open and transparent, and focus on a plan with short, medium and long-term strategies that will engage representatives of government and a broad spectrum of organized labor, commerce and social representative groups of the community.

The process and its outcomes will take into consideration the balance needed in the social and economic policies of the country.   The social partners in Kolaborativo look forward to working closely with the government in a tripartite dialogue to address the growing liquidity problems of the island as noted by the interim Minister of Finance in his speech to parliament on November 15.

Kolaborativo is currently in the planning phase and the first meetings to address the most urgent topics will be announced shortly.

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