Published On: Sat, Oct 13th, 2012

Letter: Movement on Facebook and Twitter against Schotte

As election on Curacao is nearing, the political campaigns and rhetoric are increasing. Tension is rising slowly and every party is looking to steal the spot light.  Since the turbulent deposing of Gerrit Schotte as first Prime Minister of Curacao more citizens than ever before are concerned about the future of their beloved island.

With the rise of Social Networks around the world and an increasing use on Curacao, young and old use it to voice their opinions against the failed government of Gerrit Schotte who is now looking to stage a re-election. A group of young students from Curacao have decided to play in on this Social Networking trend and have set up a Facebook page 'Yu di Curacao Against Gerrit Schotte' (Curacaoans against Schotte).  In the past week alone the page has attracted more than 2100 likes and is growing fast as Curacao heads into the elections.  Additionally they have previously set up a Twitter account 'Against Schotte' voicing their dissatisfaction against former Prime Minister Schotte and this has also grown at an increasingly fast page to having over 35 thousand followers.  The Facebook Page and the Twitter account are dedicated to spreading as much news about the failure of Gerrit Schotte to govern Curacao with dignity, respect and without corruption.  The Social Network pages highlight the fact that Gerrit Schotte as Prime Minister held close contacts with the Italian Mafia and loosely spends tax payer money on Private Jet flights that can easily cost $5000 to $10,000 per hour depending on the airplane.

The two social networking pages are a reaction to the failed 2 years of Gerrit Schotte's government to pay any attention to the actual well being of the average citizen of Curacao.  Under his government Curacao's international reputation has been badly damaged, the investment environment has become uncertain and the tourist industry suffers from the continues corruption cases surrounding Gerrit Schotte.  Additionally Gross Domestic Product and unemployment have been stagnant.  The investments that should have been made into healthcare and education have been neglected at the cost of constant political sparring due to Schotte's aggressive stance against other political parties.

If you are a concerned citizen of Curacao and you want to do your part in bringing positive change and growth back to your island, today's world now offers the tools to do so.  Join the political movements that are originating online; on Facebook Yu di Curacao Against Gerrit Schotte ( and on Twitter follow AgainstSchotte (

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