Published On: Mon, Apr 7th, 2014

Major price difference at supermarkets

ShoppingWILLEMSTAD - A comparison made by the Consumers’ organization has shown that there are large price differences between the supermarkets. A kilo of salmon is the cheapest at supermarket Esperamos, namely 31,74 guilders. At Boulevard Marketplace it will cost 47.70 guilders, a difference of 15.96 guilders.

The research was done in connection with Lent. The organization compared the prices of 154 items which are commonly used during this period. This was done in cooperation with the inspection of the Ministry of Economic Development.

The Bon Bini Supermarket in Brievengat emerged as the cheapest supermarket on the island, subsequently Mangusa Rio Canario and Mangusa Hypermarket. The latter also appeared to have a good assortment of products, followed by Bon Bini and Mangusa Rio Canario.

Also the conch meat showed a significant price difference. At Centrum Supermarket at Mahaai and Centrum Supermarket Piscadera, this item costs 44.46 guilders a kilo. At Alves these costs 59.63 guilders, this equates to a price difference of 15.17 guilders. "At the price comparison, we did not look at the quality," the Consumers’ organization said.

According to the organization, it is noteworthy that the total yield, after shopping at the cheapest and the most expensive supermarket, showed a price difference of 220.41 guilders. According to the consumers’ organization, it may pay off to do your shopping at various supermarkets.

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