Published On: Mon, Jul 2nd, 2018

Many employees experience unwanted sexual behavior

sexual-harassment-workplaceWILLEMSTAD - In Curaçao, 64% of employees frequently experience undesirable physical contact. This is shown in the report 'Sexual harassment in the workplace in Curaçao, Research Report 2017-2018'.

The research was conducted by Karin Bosman of 'About Workplace Harassment' from the Netherlands. It is a follow-up study on a so-called baseline measurement that Bosman did in 2017 on this topic. The survey shows that there is almost a doubling of last year's figures.

"That certainly does not mean that sexual harassment has become worse in Curaçao," says Bosman. "One cause of the doubling may be familiarity with the research. In addition, #MeToo has ensured that people understand better what sexual harassment is.'' Other notable figures from the report: 80% of those questioned often experience obscene gestures, 85% frequently experience sexually-oriented jokes or comments and 36% have to do with 'sexting' on the work floor, sending sexually tinted pictures or text messages.

Furthermore, the survey showed that 80% of respondents believe that there is no accessible assistance. Medwork Caribbean and About Workplace Harassment have joined forces to introduce an App to combat and prevent sexual harassment and other undesirable behavior in the workplace.

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