Published On: Tue, Jul 12th, 2016

Marchena: “Drielstraat update”

Baoase WILLEMSTAD - After a back and forth and sometimes quite a heated discussion, we came to an agreement with Baoase Resort and the gate has been removed.

“Let's see if Baoase can keep its promise to keep it so.”

Minister Suzanne Camelia-Romer and her team were also present later on to assess the situation. They showed a plan they have to develop the coast from Drielstraat till Punda. An important part of this plan is to leave open access for the neighbor's, the entire Curacao community and tourists to enjoy our coast line.

“Thank you all for you support. I am 100% sure that not one single person would allow such things to happen were Baoase1they live. It's all about compromise, reaching agreements with respect for each other.”

Boase Resort now needs to make their adjustments and move this door to close off their "property" and leave the access to the coast line open for the public.

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