Published On: Fri, Jun 13th, 2014

MarkStra Caribbean launches Curacao Competes 2014!

TamiraWILLEMSTAD - MarkStra Caribbean is ready to share the results of Curacao Competes 2014 with the business community and the general public. Local organizations can reserve a copy and an educational presentation about the findings and competitiveness to its management. The study is based on the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index.  Besides Curacao’s ranking, the publication  includes the scores of Curacao against its major trading partners, competitors and  emerging economies. Curacao Competes 2014 also creates awareness and knowledge of ALL the factors that influence competitiveness. Importantly, it focuses on the many actions that the private sector must undertake to improve competitiveness at the firm-level, independent of the government. This is necessary to be able to export or  provide services of the desired quality to investors. ‘When we started, we never expected it to be so educational and practical for the private sector’, says Tamira La Cruz, MBA, CEO of MarkStra Caribbean. Private sector actions will contribute to the overall competitiveness of Curacao, and sustainable economic growth.  Finally, it is worth noting that the data is globally benchmarked so that Curacao can compare itself to other countries, as more than 140 countries have been doing for over 35 years.  Hence, this study serve as a base-line study.

Several organizations have already  reserved their copy and presentation at  ANG 1.850.  MarkStra is  also seeking partners to make the data known to a wider public, also outside of Curacao, create awareness about the factors that we need to work on to improve our competitiveness and help its cover its  cost, since the study has not been sponsored or subsidized.  Some tools that might achieve this are company trainings and grants.

Over 80 respondents, all professionals, participated. MarkStra also received cooperation from the Central Bureau of Statistics, Bureau Telecommunication and Post, Department of Public Health, and Bureau Intellectual Property and consulted IMF reports for secondary data. MarkStra is grateful for the assistance of Yverna Hu-A-ng, student of the University of Curacao in conducting this study.

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