Published On: Mon, May 29th, 2017

May Henriquez is the 12th Outstanding Woman

During 'About Legacy and Female Leadership'

12th Outstanding Woman 2017WILLEMSTAD - The 12th Outstanding Woman recognized during the 14th Annual Women Conference in Curaçao 'About Legacy and Female Leadership' is the late May Henriquez (1915 – 1999) from Curaçao.

The recognition is for the work she did during her life that strengthened the language of Papiamentu and contributed to making it a strong communication tool.

Papiamentu is the native language spoken in Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire.

Having a strong native language is important for the identity of people who speak the language.

It is also a tool for nation building being spoken by the majority of the people across all borders notwithstanding the social status or where the person came from.

Papiamentu is now considered one of the most dynamic creole languages in the world.

Her legacy must continue since much must still be done to keep the respect for the language.

The Outstanding Woman recognized during the Annual Women Conference in Curaçao is from the Caribbean, was over 60 when she passed away and the work that she did serves her community and lives of other women.

On the picture from left to right Alba Chatlein moderator, Reyna Joe organizer and Nicole Henriquez daughter of the 12th Outstanding Woman.

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