Published On: Mon, Aug 6th, 2018

MFK: ‘Prime Minister must explain what the Arawak Project is’

Gerrit-Schotte-10WILLEMSTAD - In a press release the opposition party of Gerrit Schotte, MFK stated that a Prime Minister that hides information about the future of a country is not worthy of leading that nation.

The press release continued stating that the community on the island has to wait until the end of this year to find out what will happen with the refinery while everyone knows that the government is late on all watches. “The game and decisions of creating more delays is indicative that Rhuggenaath’s government do not want the continuation of the refinery on the island. That is their real objective,” said the MFK.

“There is no science behind the ‘Arawak Project”. Suddenly Rhuggenaath and his government, by giving a name, have gone very far by playing with the feelings of the people on the island, their past and their indigenous origin. But this doesn’t make sense at all because all they are doing is taking us to the slaughterhouse.”

According to the MFK, the search for a new strategic partner instead of the Chinese does not make sense. In this day and age if the government is not talking to Russia or China, definitely they are not leading this country the way it should be. China and Russia are the nations that have the first right on the crude reserves in Venezuela due to the billions of dollars the South American nation has with these two world giants. “It is more than logical that there is a necessity for a refinery in the vicinity of Venezuela with can refine these crudes and capitalize on this product and convert it into foreign currency for Curaçao.

“There is no improvement in the situation and as time goes by the Final Technical Audit Report becomes more valid notwithstanding it being rejected by the Parliament of Curaçao and Eugene Rhuggenaath with his government last year.” MKF emphasized that Rhuggenaath has lied to Parliament and the people of Curaçao about the realities of the refinery and its future.

This is why Rhuggenaath has the obligation to speak to the community and inform everyone what the reality is about the refinery and what his government is doing with the so-called Arawak Project.

“Eugene Rhuggenaath, Minister of General Affairs who is also the Prime Minister of Curaçao and his government are solely responsible for the future of the refinery together with all the problems it is causing to the community and the economy,” said MFK in their press release.


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