Published On: Mon, Dec 31st, 2012

Minimum wage increased to 7.93 guilders per hour (4.53 dollars)

WILLEMSTAD – Raising the minimum wage amount is one of the many increases that are implemented on 1 January 2013.

The Government offered to the Social and Economic Council (SER) the Draft Ministerial Regulation on general operation to adjust the minimum wage per January 1, 2013 for advice. On that date, the minimum wage will be adjusted to 7.93 guilders per hour. (it was 7.68 guilders in 2012). This is due to the indexing of the gross minimum wage in Curacao by 3.3 percent.

This brings the minimum monthly wage for a 40-hour week for persons of 21 years or older at 1374.53 guilders (was 1331.20 guilders). For an adult person with a 45-hour week is the new minimum wage per month 1546.35 guilders (was 1497.60). The age is taken into account in the payment of the minimum wage. Employees aged 21 or older get the full 100 percent of the minimum wage, while persons younger than 21 get less.

Persons aged 20 years earns 90 percent and thus comes their new minimum wage at 7.14 guilders (was 6.91 guilders), a 19-year-old earns 85 percent and thus obtains 6.74 guilders (was 6.53), a 18-year-old sits on three-quarters or 75 percent of the minimum and that is down to 5.95 guilders (was 5.76); while 16 - and 17-year olds earns 65 percent and that is 5.15 guilders (was 4.99). The Minister of Social Development, Labor and Welfare (SOAW) has calculated the weekly minimum wage for a 21 year old and older, which comes out at 317.20 guilder (ten guilders more because that was 307.20). At a 45-hour week is the minimum wage of 356.85 guilders per week (was 345.60). The minimum weekly wage is calculated by number of hours worked per week multiplied by the applicable minimum hourly wage. The aforementioned minimum monthly wage is calculated by multiplying the minimum weekly wage by the factor 52/12.

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