Published On: Fri, Sep 21st, 2018

Minister knows nothing of rental contract Mermaid boat trips

WILLEMSTAD - Minister of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning Zita Jesus-Leito is not familiar with the rent that Mermaid Boattrips pays for the terrain in Klein Curaçao. The discussion about illegal construction has recently flared up again and this week the government held a debate in parliament on the small island east of Curaçao. The island called Klein (small) Curaçao is part of Curaçao.

Mermaid has a lease agreement with the Department of Property Management since 1990. It was then only the Captain's House, a plot of 60 square meters. In 2003, the lease was revised and signed by the then acting head of the Department of Property Management Dorise Fatima Ayala. The blueprint accompanying the lease shows that this concerns a plot of approximately 625 square meters. That is why Mermaid regards the plot as a private site.


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