Published On: Thu, Oct 25th, 2012

Minister Spies: Curacao decides if it wants independence

WILLEMSTAD - THE HAGUE - Minister Liesbeth Spies of Kingdom Relations finds it too far to conclude that the elections in Curaçao proves that the population wants independence from the Netherlands. The demand for independence was in itself not a dominant theme in the election campaign.

Spies spoke Thursday in Parliament during a debate regarding the Caribbean Netherlands. The political party Pueblo Soberano of Helmin Wiels, which strives for an independent Curacao, came in the elections as the largest out of the polls. A majority in the Dutch parliament is notagainst independence.

Spies stressed that it is up to Curaçao itself to make the choice. That would be through a referendum. Netherlands may not in, any case, kick Curaçao out of the kingdom.

On Curaçao, Pueblo Soberano, MFK and MAN demonstrated the willingness to form a government together, just as they did in recent years. Spies awaits developments, and will then work with the new government.

The Lower Chamber is very concerned about the chances of a good cooperation with the Curaçao politicians. In recent years Curacao politicians have sometimes behaved unwillingly towards the Netherlands and have made a financial mess out of it. In the creation of new relationships within the kingdom in 2010, the Netherlands helped Curacao with its financial problems by taking over nearly 2 billion euro of the debt. Since then the island has, yet again, produced a large budget deficit. The Lower Chamber requires that Curaçao puts things in order and adheres to the agreements with the Netherlands.

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