Published On: Wed, Aug 15th, 2012

Navy intercepts large quantity of drugs

WILLEMSTAD - As part of the drug operations in the Caribbean Operation Martillo was recently accredited with another success.

The Royal Navy station ship Hr. HMS Tromp 2,000 kilograms of drugs at the end of June 2012 which was being smuggled by sea. In connection with the follow-up and ongoing operations, this information could not be previously released. After detection of the drug boat, the so called “go fast”, the operation center has mounted a large scale operation.


' Go fast '

Various nautical and airborne international units, including the maritime patrol aircraft of the coast guard the Dash 8 and Hr. Ms Tromp with on board its Belgian helicopter Alouette, mounted a spectacular chase on the ' go fast ', which moved at high speed. It has led the sailors to throw the contraband to the sea. Based on estimates of the U.s. Law Enforcement team, which during this operation on board hnlms Tromp was geëmbarkeerd, it went here to 2,000 kilograms of cocaine.



Interception falls under the umbrella of the international anti-drugs operation Martillo. Many countries in this operation work together to combat international organized crime in Central America (and the Caribbean) and to halt smuggling at sea and in the air. The operation is led by the Joint Interagency Task Force South where the Commander of naval forces in the Caribbean, Brig.-General of the Navy Dick Swijgman is one of the joint commanders.



Swijgman, who is also Director of the coast guard Caribbean, mentions the recent interception as a great success for the fight against drugs in the region. "During this action we explicitly worked shoulder to shoulder with international partners, the Caribbean and the Royal Navy coastguard. It shows that joint action is the key to success. "

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