Published On: Tue, Nov 12th, 2013

Navy shoots at smuggling boat, intercepts 650 kilos of cocaine

smuggleWILLEMSTAD - For the fourth time in a short period, the Zr.Ms. Amsterdam intercepted a drug shipment in the Caribbean Sea. Shots were fired from the helicopter at the outboard motors of the smuggling boat. The Navy did this to stop the smuggling of 650 kilos of cocaine

An American patrol aircraft noticed the smuggling boat for the first time on a smuggling route from Colombia. The Ms. Amsterdam, which at that time was patrolling nearby, responded to the call from the Americans. The helicopter was deployed to stop the go-fast. The smuggling boat ignored the stop signs from the helicopter and tried to flee at high speed. Then warning shots were fired from the NH90 to warn the boat to stop. The smugglers did not respond to these warning shots either. The gunner on the helicopter fired at both outboard motors of the go-fast.


Afterwards the smugglers tried the throw the contraband overboard, but it was too late. The three smugglers were arrested and the drugs confiscated. They were all handed over to the U.S. authorities for prosecution. The interception of drug trafficking is the fourth drug bust for the Zr.Ms. Amsterdam in three weeks time. In total, the ship intercepted 3,600 kilograms of cocaine in this period.

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