Published On: Wed, Jul 20th, 2016

New India shows its strength and stability

new india insuranceWILLEMSTAD - New India's strong financial position within the insurance market will once again be proven. Even though Japan Retail NVs lawyer, Mr Wiek Herben went ahead with an embargo of bank accounts, New India will continue with their business as usual and keep giving the best service to their clients.

New India is Rated AM-Best for its financial strength and service and is one of the world’s largest insurance companies with assets of USD 5.2 billion. GWP is USD 1.5 billion with a global solvency margin of 3.4.

New India is an international company with branches in 28 countries and has been successfully in business since 1919 and has been giving the best service in Curaçao since 1954.

The numbers prove New India's strength on the global insurance market and we can assure our policyholders and future clients that all rightful and legitimate claims will be settled. New India has never failed to honor a legitimate claim. New India will keep providing them and their loved ones "Peace of mind".

New India has taken notice that several of her bank accounts have been frivolously frozen by Japan Retail NV. The freezing of the accounts is related to a court case in which New India together with Mr. Anita from the Curaçao Fire Department and internationally recognized experts from Burgoynes of London, Cunningham Lyndsey of Rotterdam & Curaçao have concluded that there are severe indications of arson in the fire that took place on the premises of Japan Retail NV.

Furthermore, the experts also concluded that the claim documents filed by Japan Retail NV contain indications of insurance fraud due to the fact that the claimed amount of alleged losses caused by the fire for instance, do not correspond with the actual residues found at the site of the fire.

The policyholders' lawyer Mr. Wiek Herben has evidently taken actions in his own hands to pressurize the public opinion and paint an incorrect picture of this case, neglecting the legal matters at hand.

The processing of all insurance cases and in particular this case, consists of four parts that need to be investigated in court:

  • The suspicion of arson
  • Insurance fraud
  • Extent of alleged damages
  • Alleged costs claimed.

This is a standard procedure in any case of claim if there are serious indications of suspicious activities or behavior by the insured and/or at the site of the fire.

The case against Japan Retail NV is still at its first stage, the court is investigating suspicion of arson.

As New India understands, a claimant can at all times request the court a permit to embargo funds of the defending party. New India does not agree with the court's decision.

Apparently, after receiving the court's approval of the embargo, Mr. Wiek Herben also took it upon himself to contact the press and announce his intentions and actions to take the upcoming embargo public. New India has taken notice of Mr. Wiek Herben's statements and will respond in court

In conclusion, New India believes in fairness and because this matter was placed on a public platform by Mr. Wiek Herben it is felt that a response is necessary.

New India will honor all legitimate claims as it has always done since its incorporation in 1919.

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