Published On: Mon, Apr 15th, 2013

New information from Census 2011 on the CBS website

Curacao Government CenterWILLEMSTAD - The Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) published new information from Census 2011 on its website. This time it concerns data on fertility and population characteristics by geographical area in Curacao.

Every two weeks, new tables with information from the Census 2011 are posted. At a later date, all tables are compiled in a Census Publication. On the homepage of the CBS website ( it indicates where the tables are located.

Some observations on the basis of the tables in the series are:

Fertility of women

• When asked how many children women aged 14 and older (living) have brought to the world answer:  27% are childless (18,339 women), 19% one child (12,712), 25% two children (17,279), 14% three children (9796) and 15% reported more than three children (10,294).

• One third of the total number of children is born out of wedlock. (The mother was not / never married). The other two-thirds were born to women who at the time of the Census were either married, widowed or separated.

• 1704 women expressed that in the year prior to the Census, they gave birth to a child. Eight percent of these births occurred in women between 14 and 20 years (129 births).

• The average age of all women in the 12 months prior to the Census who gave birth to a child is 28.4 years. The average age of women having their first child in this period is 24.6 years for women born in Curaçao compared to 27.4 years for women born outside Curaçao.


Population by Geozone

Curaçao can be divided into 65 zones. Each zone consists of one or more neighborhoods.

The geographical tables on the website give the following information on zone-level:

Age Composition per zone, number of men and women by zone, with the Dutch population and other nationality by zone and the number of persons per zone in Curaçao born or in another country.

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