Published On: Wed, May 30th, 2018

New policy: ‘Car impounded if no license plate is placed on the front of the car’

WILLEMSTAD - During inspections by the police (KPC) and for everyone visible on the road, too many people have not properly affixed their license plate to the front of their car.

The Road Traffic Regulation Curaçao stipulates: the license plate must be clearly legible at the front of the car, so not in the car behind the windshield. The objective of the law is that the police must be able to read the license plate at all times. Even if, for example, they are approaching a car as oncoming traffic. So also from some distance. Even when it is dark. Even when the sun is shining on the windshield. Not having a license plate for the car in the right place makes it difficult to maintain and investigate criminal offenses. For this reason, from now on, a different and stricter policy is being implemented:

• cars without a license plate on the outside and front of the car can be impounded

• the car is towed at the expense of the driver

• the car is only released after paying the tow and storage costs of the car

• the car is only released when the registration plate is properly installed

• in addition, the usual criminal investigation fine (75 guilders) follows

license plate

This press release from Police Corps Curaçao (KPC) and the Public Prosecution is a second and a final warning. Next week, cars will be impounded if they do not correctly carry the license plate.

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