Published On: Thu, Aug 14th, 2014

New street names and signs

VOS_5419 (2)WILLEMSTAD – Nameless streets in several neighborhoods have officially been named now. This was reported by the Ministry of Transport, Traffic and Urban Planning. The Ministry started with a project in July where the nameless streets will get a name and also a corresponding sign. That project is in full swing.

The nameless streets do have a numerical designation in the neighborhood. The signsVOS_5381 (2) are so far mainly placed in Fuik, Seru Grandi, Seru Machu Montaña Rei and from Santa Rosa to Brievengat. In many areas there are many plantations. For that reason, many of the street names refer to agriculture and nature. On Friday, August 22 at 18:00 there will be an official opening ceremony on the square in front of the school in Seru Grandi.

Overview naming of the streets

- Bottelier, Zuurzak, area 57, twelve streets named;

- Sta. Rosa, area 38, 33 streets named;

- Spanish Water, Jan Thiel, Lagunisol Resort, Marbella Resort and Damasco Resort, area 64, a total of 31 streets named;

- Bonam, Kirindongo Abou Ronde Klip South, region 33, a total of 52 streets named;

- Mahuma, Mahuma North, area 25, one street named;

- Kwarchi, Villa Park Flamboyan, area 39, two streets named;

- Montaña Abou, EWP homes, area 40, four streets named;

- Rooi Santu, Hanenberg, Villa Park Vista Montana, Villa Park Hanenberg North and South Santa Rosa, area 58, a total of 25 streets named;

- Seru Grandi, Seru Grandi and Fuik, area 63, a total of 54 streets named;

- Fortuna Ariba, area 18, twenty streets named;

- Montagne Rey, Montagne Rey and Oude Water, area 62, a total of 75 streets named;

- Spanish Water, Brakkeput, EWP- and FKP homes, area 64, seventeen street named;

- Oost Punt, West Groot Sint Joris, area 65, two streets named.

Photo credit: Tico Vos

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