Published On: Thu, May 9th, 2013

NFI Pathologists arrived in Curacao to do autopsy on Helmin Wiels

NFIWILLEMSTAD – A group of forensic pathologists from the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) arrived in Curacao to help with the investigation on the assassination of the political leader Helmin Wiels. The group will be in charge of the autopsy. Afterwards the body will hopefully be released to the family for the funeral.

There are many questions on why it is necessary to wait for four experts to come from the Netherlands to determine the cause of the death of the political leader. Some people even say that this is  preference of justice which is not common for other cases like this one.

In any case, the investigation will continue. It seems that the investigators, a large group, do not have any indication on where to start. There was suppose to be a press release today to give more details on the case but it was canceled. Tips and information is important and can be given through the anonymous line 108.

Curacao has a long relation with the NFI. During the Schotte’s term, NFI was less inclined to cooperate with Curacao because of major open debt with the Netherlands.

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