Published On: Mon, Nov 17th, 2014

No spraying against mosquitoes during rain

Chikungunya1WILLEMSTAD – The spraying actions against mosquitoes is halted during rain. This was reported by the Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature in a press release. The neighborhoods that were supposed to be sprayed during the weekend, especially Sunday, will be sprayed today. This is only if it doesn’t rain.

The chemical agent which is used against the mosquito contains the substance Pyrethrin or one that is related to it. This product is, according to the Ministry, effective to kill adult mosquitoes when they come into contact with it. It is important to keep all windows and doors open when the sprayer passes. Utensils, such as plates and cups need to be covered, also food.

Pets should be protected, especially fish and turtles. These animals are vulnerable to the product. Aquarium, too, must therefore be closed, so that the substance Pyrethrin does not come into the water. Also pet food and water bowls should be covered or immediately washed after spraying.

The schedule for Monday evening between eight and nine o'clock is as follow: Montagne Rey Noord, Zuid Choloma, Sabana Baca, Seru Grandi, Seru Machu, Kaya Seru Grandi, Weg naar Fuik, Kaya Sabana Baca to Toko Stakamahachi, Kaya Selene, Kaya Boreas, Kaya Aphrodite and surroundings, Kaya Mitologia, Kaya Herperides (White House Snek), Weg Groot St Joris, Oude Water, Kaya Herperides, Kaya Mitologia, Sloperij (junkyard), Hòfi Fidel, Kaya Seru Grandi, Sabana Cratz and Church of Fuik and surroundings.

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