Published On: Mon, May 29th, 2017

Oil spill also reaches the ABC-Islands

oil spillWILLEMSTAD – After oil residue was discovered in Bonaire last week, authorities also found them in Aruba and Curaçao yesterday.

Due to this discovery, additional inspections will be carried out at the beaches today. This is according to the Sea Turtle Conservation (STCC) in Curaçao. The organization held an inspection at Klein (small) Curaçao and organized a cleaning project for tomorrow.

According to STCC, oil was residue was found in 83 individual places, ranging from small stains of less than 1 centimeter to ones that are as large as an adult hand. The spots are found at Turtle Beach, a part of Klein Curacao where people generally do not go.

According to the STCC, the residues found in Klein Curacao are hardened. The oil has clogged to the sand, which makes it easy for the organization to clean it. They also indicate that after cleaning they have to see what they will do with this sand.

Today, additional inspections will be held at St. Joris, Ascención and from Shete Boka to Watamula.

The STCC indicates that they cannot say if more oil residue will reach the island and what will happen it turtles are affected. They have organized a cleanup in the areas where turtles nest.

The Maritime Authority of Curaçao (MAC) reports in a press release that there is some pollution in Klein Curaçao.

“It is heavy oil that has been floating in the ocean for a few weeks now, so the oil has disintegrated into smaller particles, which float right below the surface. The composition of the oil residues found in Klein Curaçao will be investigated by Carmabi,” said MAC in their press release.

It is assumed that the oil residues are the same as the heavy oil that also reached the coast of Venezuela and that it likely came from the oil company Petrotin in Trinidad and Tobago. MAC has asked the general public, hotels, dive schools etc. to be alert for the possibility of oil residue in the water.

Photo: Oil residue in Bonaire (Credit: STINAPA)

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