Published On: Mon, Aug 27th, 2012

Oil spill at Jan Kok

WILLEMSTAD – A great spot of oil has circulated this week in waters at Jan Kok. Flamingos, other birds and animals are thus smeared with oil. Isla Refinery has now launched an investigation into the cause of the oil spill.

Chairman of Clean Environment Curacao Foundation, Mr. Peter van Leeuwen spoke with Mrs. Rhuggenaat of Isla Refinery who confirmed that the oil came from the refinery. "They have recognized that it came from a tanker with crude oil docked at Bullen Bay," says Van Leeuwen. The tank was probably not docked the correct way by which it emptied the oil into the water." The refinery Isla has started an internal investigation into the incident and is currently excavating and cleaning."

The Health Services and the Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature came to take a look at the scene of the disaster. "They took some pictures of a small piece of the area and went away again," says Van Leeuwen. "I have been told that Isla has acknowledged responsibility for the spill, but they indicated that first they had to investigate  before they can act. "According to a resident of Jan Kok, the oil was already there a week ago.

Veterinarian Odette Doest left for Jan Kok to try to catch birds and rescue them. She announced on Facebook that three flamingos were  really covered in oil. Doest asks anyone emphatically not to come and see how the situation is Jan Kok. "Because of the many people who are on the lookouts, the clean flamingos are driven to the contaminated areas", according to the vet. People who wish to contribute can drop off  a 'dawn soap' or towel at the blue house opposite the salt pans.

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