Published On: Wed, Dec 17th, 2014

Opening exhibition Hadassah Emmerich and Dominic

IBBWILLEMSTAD (IBB) -- We are reaching the final of another year and also the end of the last block seminars of this year.

These past weeks the students of the IBB got to meet two new artists in residence for their final seminars.

The artists in charge are Hadassah Emmerich, painter (1974, Heerlen, The Netherlands) and Dominic Wood, drawing, painting and sculpting (1974, Melbourne Australia). Both artists are part of the National Artist In Residence program which is in collaboration with the Mondriaan Fund.

The first and second year students were divided into two groups where each group worked under the guidance of these two artists. Each artist gave their own assignment bounded to a specific theme and media to the students. The students are hereby confronted with new challenges and references for the development of their knowledge and capacity for techniques and they get more insight in the possible structures in which they can produce new work.

In the case of the assignment by Emmerich they had to make a wall-painting which at the end is part of a collective mural. The wall consists out of 18 panels and the idea is based on the making of a banner. The big challenge here was not only to paint on a big wall, but also to make a sketch on paper, based on a theme chosen by each student individually and to reproduce it exactly back on the wall. This was a task that goes beyond the quality of the talent of the student. It teaches and challenges them to be more aware of proportions, scale, study of own work, the difference of working on paper and to translate it on a concrete wall and how to elaborate your work in order to give it more body and depth. The artist Dominic Wood confronted the first year students with a totally different approach. The students had to make an object that referred to their beliefs and ideas of worship and religion. The pieces they’ve made were placed in a base sculpture made by Dominic himself. After the pieces were placed in the sculpture the students had to make study drawings of this sculpture. Each time they had to move to a different spot in front of the sculpture so that they could get drawings from the different angles. By doing this they were also confronted with the dynamics of the sculpture and their own way of interpreting and experiencing this collective piece.

Composition is a very important aspect in the making of an art piece and in both these seminars you can acknowledge this important detail.

To complete this important evening the artists will also present their latest works produced here in Curacao during their residency.

Without giving it all away we want to invite you to come and experience the presentation of the results of these exceptional seminars.

The presentation will be on Wednesday, december 17th at 19:00 at the IBB. Mohikanaweg 8, Paviljoen Orkidia and Esmeralda.

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