Published On: Tue, Mar 29th, 2016

Photo Isla BOO emissions on Good Friday

WILLEMSTAD – According to the environmental organization SMOC in a press release they want the people to use this picture. This picture was taken last Friday, March 25th at 18:00 by SMOC. The picture shows the smoke coming out of the chimneys of Isla and BOO (CRU) which are full carcinogenic PAHs, heavy metals such as vanadium and nickel (green slime) and sulfur dioxide. 20,000 residents breath this on a daily basis, SMOC stated in their press release.

“The government does absolutely nothing. The government is not complying with the court ordered information campaign to the residents. Additional assistance offered by the Netherlands are not used and the promised health research has not been carried out.”

According to SMOC, the residents are deprived of any information and held hostage by the emissions from the refinery complex.

The motion adopted by the Dutch parliament on February 16, 2016 states that this is a case of unsound governance and an infringement of the fundamental rights of the citizens of Curaçao, whose lives are in danger.


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